Mini Saga #95 – Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm propels you to live your life in full, AND it pays! Mini Saga #95– Enthusiasm Tim and his colleagues were given a “bench” project – documentation. Almost everyone grudgingly participated in the project. Tim took it head on and completed the work. When Tim got the best available project, everyone else was upset. Ron,… Continue reading

Mini Saga #93 – Articulate

Being articulate is very important but not as a substitute for getting the job done. As the old saying goes, the most dangerous person to employ is someone who is “articulate, but incapable” Mini Saga #93– Articulate In thirty minutes, Wang hardly spoke two words. When Wang left, Chris asked, “Wang can’t communicate one bit,… Continue reading

Mini Saga #89 – Footprints

The road less traveled is lonely. The destination is uncertain but the journey is priceless. Mini Saga #89 – Footprints Four years. Finally Roger’s startup was showing some promise. Roger was tired – no salary or vacation for months and mostly no weekends. “You could easily have made a ton of money elsewhere,” his friend… Continue reading

Mini Saga #87 – Path

Being focused is important but one should also learn to spot alternative (and better) paths along the way Mini Saga #87 – Path Jim’s childhood friend Charlie was happy and surprised by Jim’s success. What Jim dreamt of doing where he ended up were totally different. Jim changed his goals multiple times, yet was brilliantly… Continue reading