Foreword by Tom Peters

Foreword by Tom Peters

IT professionals have discovered the most exciting industry in the world. And so it will remain for years to come. The problem: A lot of smart and hard working people, from every corner of the globe, have figured out the same thing at the same time.

Moreover, industry volatility (think Oracle-Peoplesoft) is here to stay. It has long been my contention that we are engulfed in a “white collar revolution.” That between industry chaos, technology that takes over rote work and offshoring, simply being “smart,” “showing up” and “doing good work” will not guarantee a job– especially an exciting one. My code phrase for all this, coined about five years ago, is … DISTINCT OR EXTINCT. Speaking of code, my purpose here is to provide a ringing endorsement for Rajesh Setty’s Beyond Code. It is a Gem!

Beyond Code makes my point, tailored brilliantly to IT professionals: Distinct or extinct! Even if you are a happy camper at a big and mostly invulnerable company, you simply must take immediate charge of your “practice.” Another of my code phrases for this is … become Brand You. That’s a management-speak way of saying that you had better have a clear mark of distinction brilliantly communicated, both in terms of Content and your Professional Approach to developing and nurturing Client Relations. Sure, those “clients” today may simply be project peers at your company. But tomorrow you may well be fired, and today’s “mere” peer may be a project manager at a new company on the lookout for Talent. In short, both the Theory and the Practice prescribed in this book are right on. Read it as if your life depends on it. It does!



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