Writings at Lateral Action

I love the “Lateral Action” project by Brian Clark, Tony Clark and Mark McGuinness. I am honored to be a columnist there. Here is the list of my published articles over there:

Are you creating the right kind of buzz? (8/13/2009)
If you are lucky, you can create a lot of buzz with very little effort. The real question is – “Are you creating the right kind of buzz?”

6 Degrees of Online Influence (8/3/2009)
There are so many articles about how to influence your audience. This article will talk about six degrees of how you may be influenced by consuming online content.

The 6 Levels of Engagement in Online Conversations (6/24/2009)
When you are engaging with your network (online or offline) who you are AND the nature and level of conversations you have will influence your level of your engagement with the other person.

9 Ways People Respond to Your Online Content (6/3/2009)
Remember that it costs time (and indirectly – money) for your audience to read what you write. And, they expect a good return for that investment.

Beware of Awareness Tests That Fail (12/19/2008)
Not all creativity tests are equal. Just because something is popular does not mean that it is logical.