The Story So Far…

If you are interested or curious about what shaped my life so far, this section is for you. I have shared some of the highlights from my past.

Here is the story in four sections:

1. The First Ten Years:

What happens at an early age will affect what you do later in life. Looking back, I can clearly see the impact my early years had on how my life shaped up.

2. As a Teenager:

I got my first job here as a journalist for a local newspaper. Apart from that, I met my first mentor in life and that shaped my life in ways that I could not imagine.

3. Moving Around

Traveling around the world is the best way to describe this part of the journey. I lived and worked in five different countries and enjoyed every bit of it.

4. The Real Education

This was a period of trials and tribulations and the period where I saw my growth as an entrepreneur.

5. Work in Progress

This is the current phase of my life.