Writings at TomPeters.com

Tom Peters is one my heroes and it’s an honor for me to contribute to his site. Here are my columns at TomPeters.com (latest first)

The Invisible Competitive Advantage: Healthy Eco-systems (04/10/2009)
Businesses are constantly in search of competitive advantages. The question that they constantly ask themselves is “How can we be ‘the choice’ for our prospects as they evaluate products or services that we offer?” Books have been written about how to get and sustain competitive advantages in the short term and long term.

The Business Case for Giving Your Best Work for FREE! (02/03/2009)
If you want to create something very good, it takes time, energy, and sometimes money. There might also be an opportunity cost (you could be doing something else rather than creating this) associated with that creation. Should you give away that creation for FREE?

What a “Personal Brand” is NOT (01/16/2009)
A Personal Brand is your promise to the world and the marketplace. Let us first see what a “Personal Brand” is NOT.

Status check for 2009: Is your job safe? (01/05/2009)
As we approach the new year, there is a big uncertainty looming everywhere. For a large majority of people, the uncertainty is about their job. Is it safe? In other words, will they have a job or not?

The Bullock Cart and the Race Car (12/12/2008)
No, I don’t want us to be in the bullock carts. Race cars are great. What we can’t forget is that, with the convenience and style that comes with race cars, there is a new level of responsibility. Forget this responsibility and we pay a heavy price.

Gradually, then suddenly (11/20/2008)
If you are engaged in a craft that can be “well defined” chances are that sooner than later your job will be outsourced. Not to another location in the U.S., but to another country. Hard work won’t help.