Cultivating the right attitude to thrive in tough times
Publication Date: May 1st 2009

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Overview of Upbeat

upbeat-cover-finalThere is a lot of negative talk in the media about the downturn. So much of negative talk that It takes no time for an individual to get gripped by the news and stop “acting”. This dips the individual productivity and very soon, it spreads like a virus to start making a dent in the productivity of an organization.After some time, the concept of downturn becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as everybody is just busy talking about things they can’t do anything about and not having time to do something about things they have control on.

The goal of the book is to give hope and inspire people to take some action irrespective of the market conditions. Why? Because what they can do is the only thing that they can control. They can’t control the economy or the marketplace conditions but they can choose their response to what is happening externally. When I see people (even in Silicon Valley) actively engaging in the “sympathy exchange” program I cringe and feel that we are contributing to the cause as much as suffering from it.

It takes a lot to make a significant difference in a good economy. In a bad economy, it takes a significant effort just to produce something meaningful. Rather than going all out (when it is MOST required,) most people choose to give up quickly thinking “nothing will happen anyway.” In other words, they choose to “participate in a recession.”

The book is a fast-read (< 45 minutes.) I have only one goal for the book – At the end of reading it, I hope the reader will stop victimizing and start doing something.

Some background on the timing: I almost completed writing this book while building my first company during a recession and by the time I finished writing this book, the recession was over. Fast forward five years and we have another recession. I resurrected the project and the last few months have been busy updating the book with some new thinking.