Reviews and Press

13. July 2009: #TH!NKtweet… that is Think Tweet
Sante J. Achille says – “ThinkTweet is my desktop companion I often turn to these days and is giving me the opportunity to blog with a slightly different perspective.”

12. July 2009: A TH!NKTweet Book 1 – Review in 140 Characters
Karen Jackie at Content Robot says – “What do you get when you mix Mark Twain’s insight w/ Seth Godin’s biz acumen, and Confucius’ philosophy? A twitterific, fun, and witty read!”

11. July 2009: A snapshot of me: #TH!NKtweet
Deepak shares his tweet-style review of the book on his blog. Deepak says – “One read of this book isn’t sufficient. You may have to reread it multiple times to truly appreciate this.”

10. July 2009: Mohan Blogs: #TH!NKtweet – 140 bite sized lessons
Mohan says – “An idea about reaching to the world with his ideas using twitter style is terrific. It hardly took 30 mins – 1 hour to read the complete book. As usual author’s wise thoughts about personal life, business, networking are simple and powerful.”

9. July 2009: My Adventures in the Real World: #TH!NKtweet Review
Vinutha says – “#ThinkTweet is a cute twittle book filled with good advices that can be applied to your daily life, at work, school or professional/personal relationships. It can add value to your life if used constructively. It has information and twips that if they are used wisely, it can bring tremendous change to you life/work/school.”

8. July 2009: Beyond Weekend: #TH!NKtweet – Bite-sized lessons for a fast paced world
Shouvik says – “This may be a small book which would take you just about an hour to read through but do not judge the book by its thickness. It is a book which should be read and re-read, to think, introspect and put the learning into practice.”

7. June 2009: QAspire Blog – Book Review: TH!NKtweet by Rajesh Setty
Tanmay Vora says – “The book is incredibly simple – yet incredibly profound! 140 key insights in less than 100 pages. It cannot get any simpler than this. Every page has one or two tweets and every tweet will stop you there for a while and make you think. ThinkTweet is a tweet that makes you think. The tweets are insightful, surprising and provocative – leading to some great thinking. By the way, this is the first book ever that was written entirely on Twitter.”

6. June 2009: Thrilling Heroics – Business Lessons for Twitter-Length Attention Span: Insights in Just 140 Characters
Cody McKibben says – “Raj has been squeezing as much insightful value into each Tweet as he can (@UpbeatNow), and he’s compiled many of these thoughtful quotes into a great little pocket guide.”

5. June 2009: Published and Profitable – Rajesh Setty’s TH!NKtweet shows how to establish thought leadership in 140 characters, or less.
Roger Parker says – “His latest book, Th!ink Tweet: Bite-Sized Lessons for a Fast Paced World, sets a new standard for 140-character communications. Th!nk Tweet is a compendium of thoughtful insights presented Twitter-style, in 140-character increments.”

4. June 2009: My World – #TH!NKtweet – 140 bytes of wisdom in 140 characters
Ananth Majumdar says – “Its a small book with 140 such tweets on improving your business, relationships, networks, career, teamwork and life and will make for an easy read. Its an ideal gift for your friends. Anyway you will just be marveled on reading the book.”

3. June 2009: Management Craft: Review of Raj Setty’s Th!nkTweet: Very New, Very Now
This is a great read and written in a very cool way – you see, the book is made up of 140 wonderfully saturated and salient points – just the essence, just the best stuff.

2. June 2009: Mike Ramm – Rajesh Setty’s Th!nkTweet: Wisdom in 140 characters
This is 100% pure, high-quality wisdom and although he said that you can read it in 15 minutes, I do not recommend reading it so fast. I recommend you to take some time to look at yourself and to think about every single sentence after you read it.

1. June 2009: Shisso: Good Read – #Th!nkTweet
Joelle Godfrey writes – “Like many of the posts on his blog, the book is good at dislodging you from your routine thought process. Sometimes with a smile, other times with a good hard kick to the tookus, and they all tend to generate a response. I recommend you hang onto it and reread it every year as I will.”