Writings at CIOUpdate.com

I wrote a few columns for CIOUpdate.com in 2005 and 2006. Here are the list of articles published there:

10 Good Reasons to Have a Mentor (Nov 27, 2006)
This is a topic close to my heart. For long-time readers of my blog, you know that I am big on mentors. I have three mentors and I am fortunate to have them in my life. I mentor a bunch of VERY bright young people and it is a blessing to watch them grow. If you have not considered having a mentor in your life, you are missing something BIG. Here are ten reasons why you should consider having a mentoring relationship in the new year.

Giving and Getting Help – Part 2 (Oct 30, 2006)
Part1 of the article was published last month. This is the concluding part of the article. This part covers the art of effectively “getting” help.

Giving and Getting Help – Part 1 (Sep 25, 2006)
In this part, I cover the aspect of giving help. Although the article is targeted at technology professionals, the concepts have a broader applicability and will cut across all professions. Hope you will enjoy the article.

8 Questions Your SI Vendor Needs to Answer (Jun 29, 2006)
In this article, I talk about asking a few additinoal questions to your new or existing SI vendor to get to the bottom of their claims. When everyone says they are the best, you need to ask them different questions get the “real” picture.

Avoiding Global Burn-Out (Apr 24, 2006)
Whether we like it or not, globalization is here to stay. It comes with a “24/7 Offshore disadvantage” if not handled properly. While the organizations will eventually gain by saving costs, people on both sides of the globe are working 24/7 to make this happen.

Looking at the Big Picture (Mar 27, 2006)
How can we ensure that we don’t lose the forest for the trees?

Personal Branding 101 for IT Professionals – Part 2 (Feb 27, 2006)
Last month I wrote about why of Personal Branding for technology professionals and this month my column talks about the how of Personal Branding for Technology Professionals.

Personal Branding 101 for IT Professionals – Part 1 (Jan 30, 2006)
It is a topic dear to my heart – branding for IT professionals. IT professionals can ignore branding when the going is good and still succeed. However, when the going gets tough, your brand can be your first line of defense.

Time Management for IT Professionals (Dec 20, 2005)
Rather than focusing on the tips and techniques of maximizing on your “to do” lists, I focus on the strategic thinking behind time management.

Why do software projects always cost more (Nov 22, 2005)
“On time, under budget” is the dream. But most software projects cost more and take longer than planned. Most people have given up; assuming this is the norm rather than the exception.

Leading Smart IT Professionals (Oct 31, 2005)
The focus of the article is how to recruit and manage people smarter
than you (basic requirement to build a powerful organization)

IT Manager’s Dilemma (Sep 26, 2005)
Being a manager is hard work. Many managers feel that it’s a thankless job. Sometimes managers are also put under the category of “overheads”