Reviews and Press

Articles in the press and the blogosphere related to Beyond Code or Rajesh Setty

Dec 2008:Beyond Weekend: Beyond Code Review
Shouvik says “It is like a handbook you should frequently refer to and ensure you are practicing the principles which would help you be distinguished in the crowd.”

Dec 2008: Lead Quitly: Distinguish Yourself and Make it Viral
Don Frederiksen says “This is a wonderful gift. Let’s make this viral and spread these lessons for a better world based on learning, love, laughter, listening, and “quiet” leadership.”

Nov 2008: Jan Van Ryswyck at Elegant Code reviews “Beyond Code”
Jan says “This book contains a lot of good advice. It’s only 120 pages, so what do you have to loose?”
Thank you Jan.

Jan 2008: Diana Rohini La Vigne reviews “Beyond Code” at
Diana says – “I can’t think of anyone who this book wouldn’t make an impact on”
Thank you Diana.

Apr 2007: Justice Gray reviews Beyond Code
Justice Gray of “Gray’s Matter” reviews “Beyond Code”

Mar 2007: Aditya creates a one page review of Beyond Code
Aditya Kothadiya of Adeologue reviews “Beyond Code” in one page.

Dec 2006: Cody McKibben interviews Rajesh Setty
Cody McKibben of “Thrilling Heroics” interviews Rajesh Setty about the book and entrepreneurship

Sep 2006: Kiruba Shankar interviews Rajesh Setty
Kiruba Shankar interviews Rajesh Setty regarding Beyond Code and topics related to entrepreneurship

Apr 2006: Pragmatic Craftsman recommends Beyond Code
Stas Kubasek at Pragmatic Craftsman recommends Beyond Code with 4.5/5.0 rating.

April 2006: Interviewed by Cranky Middle Manager Show
Wayne Turmel of “Cranky Middle Manager Show” interviews Rajesh Setty about “Personal Branding”

Mar 2006 – IT Business: Text Support-In conversation with Rajesh Setty
Carolyn Weaver is the producer and host of Tech Books. Weaver interviews Setty on his latest book “Beyond Code”

Mar 2006: The CEO Refresher – Beyond Code reviewed by Michael Lally
Michael A. Lally of Diligentia reviews Beyond Code for “The CEO Refresher”

Feb 2006: IT World Canada interview: “How to get a life!”
Rosie Lombardie of IT World Canada talks to me about several things related to life and career of IT professionals

Feb 2006: IT World Interview Transcript
Leslie Jaye Goff talks to me about how to supercharge your IT career

Feb 2006: Ubiquity Magazine – Interview on “Beyond Code” and related topics
John Gehl from Ubiquity (An IT opinion magazine and forum published by Association of Computing Machinery) interviewed me recently on topics covered in my book Beyond Code. This was one of the most comprehensive interviews related to the topic of distinguishing yourself.

Jan 2006: Genuine Curiosity says “A must read!”
Dwayne Melancon reviews “Beyond Code” in his popular blog “Genuine Curiosity”

Dec 2005: Q & A about the book published in Enterprise Innovator
On Dec 9, 2005, Enterprise Innovator published a Q&A about “Beyond Code”

Dec 2005: Business Book Review reviews “Beyond Code”
BBR reviews top 50 business books every year. Beyond Code was picked up by them. I am honored!

Nov 2005 – Dave Taylor: “Must read book”
Beyond Code offers up a simple recipe to help people in any field learn how to distinguish themselves, make a name for themselves, and become both better known and more successful.

Nov 2005: Featured as Blogger of the day
Featured as “Blogger of the Day” at kbcafe by Randy Charles Morin

Oct 2005: Featured in “The Cultural Connect”
Interviewed and profiled in the online magazine “The Cultural Connect”

Sep 2005: Featured as Tom’s Cool Friend
Interviewed and featured as Tom’s Cool Friend on September 18, 2005. A dream come true!