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Reviews and press mentions of Upbeat

#19. June 2009: Tumblemoose Writing Services: How UPBEAT are you?
George Angus says – “At a little less than 100 pages, Upbeat is an easy read.  Rajesh does a great job of providing a positive spin on the tough economic times.”

#18. June 2009: ITradeFair Insights: UPBEAT – a timely and timeless book
Ramesh Sambasivan says – “Whether you are a marketing professional, a business leader, an entrepreneur, a student, a job seeker, or just anyone seeking personal or professional growth (or just survival), this book offers a very practical angle to navigating tough economic times. That explains this worthwhile detour from the theme of my blog – to introduce a powerful little book with a powerful, timely and timeless message.”

#17. June 2009: Mohan Blogs: UPBEAT by Rajesh Setty
Mohanraj announces Upbeat on his blog.

#16. June 2009: Tim Bursch Blog: Spotlight – Rajesh Setty
Tim shares an interview with me on topics related to Upbeat

#15. June 2009: Midcourse Corrections – Being Upbeat is Your Entry Ticket to New Possibilities
Jeff Hurt says – “His enthusatic and discerning thoughts are contagious and if you want to know what shaped his thinking, you can read his story so far here.”

#14. June 2009: Thought Garage – Upbeat: How Right Attitude Can Beat Tough Times, Anytime
Murali Mallina says – “Upbeat inspires and helps to cultivate the right attitude to thrive in tough times like this recession. One of the interesting aspects of this book is the fact that the  book was originally written during the dot-com-bust with lessons learnt in building a business during that time and hence I consider it as a ‘proven’ strategy for thriving in tough times, any time.”

#13. June 2009: KPG Blog – UPBEAT Makes Sense
Karen Pierce Gonzalez says – “Setty’s advice is timeless, simple and to the point. If applied, it can build upon strengths we (and our clients) already have. No reinventing of wheels, here.”

#12. June 2009: Small Business Guru – Upbeat Book Review
Melody Campbell says – “This book is a quick read only 96 compelling pages that will get you pumped! It’s worth a second (and third) read.”

#11. June 2009: Key Business Partners – Book Review: Upbeat by Rajesh Setty
Teresa Morrow says – “Rajesh Setty’s book, Upbeat, provides you simple ways to create an right attitude when the noise gets too much.”

#10. June 2009: Be Your Own Brand: Are you a blessing or a baggage?
Ryan Wynia at BeYOB says – “[Upbeat] it’s a short read and nothing short of an adrenaline jolt for your attitude.”

#9. May 2009: Genuine Curiosity: A good book for our times!
Dwayne Melancon at Genuine Curiosity says – “This is a short book and an easy read, but don’t let it’s diminutive size fool you – there is a lot of power in these pages.  Oh – and I think Upbeat would be a great gift for you to give someone who finds themselves on the wrong side of this economy.”

#8. May 2009: SlackerManager: Upbeat Review
Phil Gerbyshak says – “If life has you down, or you think life can ever get you down, then you need to pick up this little book.”

#7. May 2009: UpMo Career Control Blog: UpBeat!
UpBeat doesn’t pump up the writer’s ego, but keeps it real. It’s really not selling anything, only you on yourself and your ability to weather what’s happening in the changing economy.

#6. May 2009: Management Craft Blog: Upbeat by Raj Setty
It is exactly the right message at the right time and Raj is the perfect person to share it with you because he is an excellent role model of what he writes.

#5. May 2009: Jack hayhow: Upbeat!
Rajesh Setty of Life Beyond Code has written a marvelous little book entitled, Upbeat – Cultivating the right attitude to thrive in tough times.

#4. May 2009: Slacker Manager: Be Upbeat
In my never ending search to find books that change my life, I’ve found another winner in Raj Setty’s Upbeat Now. At 96 pages, it’s an extremely quick read that can turn your stinking thinking around and focus on the great parts of your life.

#3. May 2009: Kevin Eikenberry: Upbeat by Rajesh Setty
It proves that while brevity may be the soul of wit, it also can be a precursor to wisdom.

#2. Dec 2008: Brad Feld – Books on the Beach
“He’s done a nice job writing a book that you can read in 45 minutes that has practical advice for entrepreneurs about how to deal with all the negative talk all around everyone right now.”

#1. Dec 2008: Advice for Tough Times – From Tom Peters Company UK
“It [Upbeat] contains many gems of inspiration to encourage a positive attitude during tough times.”