Advance Praise

Th!nkTweet Book 1
Bite-sized lessons for a fast paced world!


#Th!nkTweet is a cool little book filled with twinsights, twumor, and twinfluence of Twitter”

–  @guykawasaki
Guy Kawasaki, founder of

Advance Praise in Alphabetical Order

“A unique project that inspires contemplation, soul-searching and next actions.”

Chris Brogan, co-author of “Trust Agents”

“Treats for your brain in 140 characters.”

Chris Garrett, co-author of ProBlogger

“#Th!nkTweet from @UpbeatNow takes smart, unconventional ideas and reduces them to the essentials. Highly recommended.”

Chris Guillebeau, Blogger, The Art of Non-Conformity

“Rajesh Setty has captured the spirit of the Twitter age in this compilation of #Th!nkTweet that can transform your mindset and give you the extra inspiration you need to accomplish great things.”

Joel Comm, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Th!nkTweets are too short to make you think? Raj’s #Th!nkTweet will make you think again!”

Mark McGuinness, Blogger, Wishful Thinking Blog

“#Th!nkTweet = genius! … a stellar job. Twitter changed my life in 7/07: I see EVERYTHING in tweetable soundbites that add value to others”

Mari Smith, Social Media Expert, Relationship Marketing Specialist

“Rajesh Setty gives Twitter another dimension: #Th!nkTweet ‘tweets that make you think.” BRILLIANT”

Gerry Riskin, Blogger, Bestselling Author, Management Consultant and co-founder of Edge International