Rajesh has been writing books since the age of thirteen. You can read that story here.

Here are the books that have been published/released since 2005

1. The Dirty Dozen: 12 Words that you should eliminate from your vocabulary
(Kindle only) Published 2011

2. Upbeat (foreword by Russ Fradin, chairman and CEO of Hewitt Associates)
Published by Ashoka Books (2009)

3. Beyond Code (foreword by my hero Tom Peters)
Published in 2005 by Select Books

4. When You Can’t Earn an MBA
eBook, PDF, 23 pages

5. Personal Branding for Technology Professionals
eBook, PDF, 40 pages

6. Lasting Relationships
eBook, PDF, 20 pages

7. 25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself
ChangeThis Manifesto, PDF

8. Making the Most of Your Time
ChangeThis Manifesto, PDF

9. Mini Sagas: Bite-sized Lessons for Life and Business
ChangeThis Manifesto, PDF