Praise for Beyond Code

(In Alphabetical Order)

Authors and Thought Leaders

“You don’t have to be a software consultant to profit from Beyond Code. In fact, you don’t even have to be a consultant or a software professional. This book is filled with sold advice and timeless wisdom for anyone dealing with the pressures of doing business in a 24/7 world.”

Bo Burlingham Editor at Large – Inc. Magazine, Co-author of The Great Game of Business

“Beyond Code is not just great for software consultants – it is great for ALL consultants!”

Marshall Goldsmith, Author or co-editor of 19 books including the Business Week best seller The Leader of the Future and The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching.

“Rajesh Setty has created a true masterpiece.  Rajesh magnificently blends solid practical advice with inspiration and enlightenment.  Beyond Code will reignite your passion and show you the clear path to create a successful career.”

Peggy McColl, Author of “The 8 Proven Secrets to SMART Success”

“A quick guide to everything a geek should know”

Guy Kawasaki, Author of “The Art of the Start”

“Beyond Code” is packed with wisdom. It should be required reading for every young professional, and remedial reading for many further along in their careers.”

David Maister, Author and Consultant.

“Beyond Code is a little powerhouse of a book – an explosive mix of inspiration and instruction, exercises and enthusiasm. Every software professional will benefit from reading it and absorbing its wisdom”

Daniel H. Pink, Author of Free Agent Nation and A Whole New Mind

“Rajesh understands what makes the biggest difference in project and technology management:  People.  This book will give any reader a tool kit to avoid “thing thinking” and manage way beyond simple code.  If you want to retain top talent and bring out their best, this book is for you.  If you want to make a difference to your business and the people that comprise it, this book is for you.  Read it and grow.”

Tim Sanders, author of Love is the Killer App: How to win business and influence friends  and Leadership Coach at Yahoo!

“ Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, you will discover golden nuggets that will help you with personal and business growth.”

Stephen M. Shapiro, Author of 24/7 Innovation, and the soon to be released book, Goal-Free Living

“Rajesh has captured the essence of what makes a true professional in any industry in Beyond Code. It’s not about technical expertise, though that’s helpful, and it’s not about good networking, though that’s important too. A true professional – a great consultant – is someone who is a great person, and Rajesh explains just how you can go from good to great consultant in this slim, engaging book. Recommended for anyone who wants to take their career and life to the next level.”

Dave Taylor, Strategic Management Consultant, Intuitive Systems, Inc —

“Witty, creative, succinct, insightful! This little book is ideal for anyone with a big dream.”

Marcia Wieder, America’s Dream Coach


“Beyond Code is an excellent resource for consultants in any space. As a previous leader of multiple software consultancies, I wish this book had been available for my consultants. This book is well thought out and provides great insight into what makes a consultant successful”

Matt Filios, CEO, Sourcebeat Publishing. Former CEO, Tsunami Consulting and Virtuas Solutions

“Beyond Code is packed with insights for IT professionals at all levels. If you are good and want to become great, this is one book that you should NOT miss reading”

Kurt Garbe, Executive Consultant, Former CEO – Movaris, Inc., Former EVP – USWeb

“Beyond Code is wonderful guide to anyone in the technology industry seeking to become “the real deal.” Through personal lessons and industry examples, Rajesh does an excellent job of illuminating the critical personal and professional qualities that lead to success in our industry.”

Darlene K. Mann, Former CEO, Siperian, Inc.

“I have worked with Rajesh and I can say that he practices the ideas and behaviors that he shares in Beyond Code – it made him a stand-out in the IT consulting game.  It was in the days before he founded CIGNEX, but it was evident then that his professional principles were guiding him to rise above the crowd, and lift his team and clients as well. ”

Sean Martin, Former VP Product Management, KnowNow Inc.


“To succeed in the IT services market, one should specialize, adapt to change and should invest constantly in personal and professional growth. As such Rajesh Setty’s book Beyond Code is a must read for all IT Professionals. I personally have watched Rajesh grow from an IT consultant to a powerful and visionary leader. He walks his talk and is committed to personal growth and learning!”

Kannan Ayyar, Investor, Entrepreneur, Executive

“A great book on the ‘soft’ skills needed to be truly successful — and satisfied — in software consulting and in life.  I recommend it to anyone with a career in software technology.”

Shomit Ghose, Venture Partner, ONSET Ventures


“Different, captivating, a must read.  A hand book or play book if you will for anyone wanting to be effective in today’s fast paced global market place.  Read this book, follow its teachings and you will most probably have a fantastic career, but more importantly you will have a fantastic life, based on all the right stuff.”

Paul D’Souza, Founder, The Wha-Dho Institute

” Beyond Code delves in depth into both realms of an IT consultant’s personal and professional life and is beyond just a how-to guide.  Rajesh provides practical tools and unique insights for IT professionals to set higher standards and excel in the fast growing global IT services industry.”

Vallal Jothilingam, CEO, The Game Called Life Company

“For any consultant, regardless of discipline, there are a number of books you should read and share with your clients. The book that you read more than once and keep for yourself is this one. It contains some of the key nuances that take most consultants, years, if not decades to understand.”

Mitchell Levy, Partner, CXONetworking

“It’s the perfect book to take along on any business trip. And even if that trip isn’t about business, ‘Beyond Code’ will quickly turn it into one.”

Chris Pirillo, founder, Internet Entrepreneur

IT Services Leaders

“While using a simple, and easy to understand style, Rajesh has done a super job to give the readers powerful and practical suggestions to improve their effectiveness. For practicing consultants and professionals the book provides an excellent refresher course and a handy guide for future assignments. Young professionals who are getting ready to manage large projects would also greatly benefit from the book.”

Rajesh Hukku, Chairman and Managing Director, i-flex solutions ltd.

“Remarkable service organizations are built by remarkable people. If you want your people to be remarkable, hand them a copy of Beyond Code”

Arjun Malhotra, Chairman and CEO, Headstrong Inc.

“A consultant builds multiple bridges: with himself, with his team and with his clients, to reach defined goals. Beyond Code is all about what it takes to build these bridges: listening to others, building a credible personal brand, building lasting relationships with clients and your team, building your learning curve, building leadership, sensibly bold strategy and unwavering commitment. This Beyond the obvious book is an investment in yourself.”

S. Ramadorai, CEO and MD, Tata Consultancy Services

“Rajesh Setty has explained seemingly complex issues using the simplest of words and examples – Beyond Code is a must-read for today’s IT consultants, especially those who have recently embarked on this exciting career path.”

Jerry Rao, Chairman NASSCOM, Chairman & CEO, Mphasis BFL Limited