Mini Saga #93 – Articulate

Being articulate is very important but not as a substitute for getting the job done. As the old saying goes, the most dangerous person to employ is someone who is “articulate, but incapable”

Mini Saga #93– Articulate

In thirty minutes, Wang hardly spoke two words. When Wang left, Chris asked, “Wang can’t communicate one bit, why is he with you for last five years?” Rob smiled, “Wang will get this job done by Friday. There are others who talk well but they can’t get the job done.”


1. A mini saga is a story told in exactly 50 words. Not 49 or 51 but exactly 50.

2. You can download a photographic manifesto of Mini Sagas at ChangeThis. Here is the link – Mini Sagas: Bite-sized Wisdom for Life and Business (PDF, 2.9MB).

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4. Photo courtesy: Mathieu Gasnier on Flickr

5. Thanks to Laura Kimball for the prompt