Stacking Up Your Idea

You and I both meet a lot of people with great ideas. Unfortunately, the story stops right there. Most people are professional idea generators who keep generating one idea after the other hoping that they will pick the “best” or the “most foolproof” idea and make that a blockbuster success. Since they are doing the same thing (idea generating) again and again in their mind, they also tend to think that they are pretty good at it.

So, one thing you can’t do is to discount the value of their ideas because in their mind, it has taken a lot of effort to come up with the ideas. They follow the rule that “something well begun is half done.” So, they came up with the idea and half the work is DONE (for them)

In reality, I wish that were the case.

Good ideas are important but they are just the starting point. If you plot of the level of difficulty from having an idea to bringing it to life, you will notice that having an idea is at the bottom of the pyramid – overcrowded and almost not of much benefit as everyone around you seem to have a dozen ideas that are worth pursuing.

As you start traversing up the pyramid, the magic begins to unravel and you will notice that the traffic on the top is very low. Most fun is when you bring your idea to life and sustain it. The journey is also what makes YOU a BETTER YOU. But if you keep spending a lot of time at the bottom of the pyramid, only thing that grows is your fantasy.

The journey is hard but it’s worth every bit of energy you put into it.