This is a burden!

A few things may appear as a burden. The moment you label something as a “burden,” it does become a burden.

Look back into your past and the very same things that appeared to you as a “burden” are now part of what you call “experience.”

What changed?

Nothing, except the label that you assigned to something.

Relabeling is available

Think about some key things that you are considering as “burden.” Think creatively and see how this “burden” could be re-labeled as “experience.”

Agreed, that a few things may be a real burden but if a large percentage of what you are doing is “real burden” then the question becomes “why are you still doing them?”

If my hunch is right, a majority of tasks that you consider as “burden” are really things that add to your “experience” and becomes valuable only after a certain time lag.

A small hack but a big benefit

The value you will get out of your work when you label it as “experience” is far greater than the value you will get out of labeling the SAME work as “burden.” This is simply because an experience is something that you are looking forward to and a burden is something that you are NOT looking forward to. When you are looking forward to something you will pay more attention and hence get more out of it.

Here’s to your happy experiences!