You have 30 minutes

Let’s say you have 30 minutes to meet with someone who is three years junior to you in the career path. In those 30 minutes, your job is to discuss, brainstorm, counsel, prod or motivate that person.

Assuming that the other person was totally open, at the end of those 30 minutes, what do you think will be the impact on that person’s life and career?

(A) Do you think that the other person will feel the impact so much that he or she will miss you in the past?

[ Note: Please see an earlier blog post on creating the ultimate lasting impression]


(B) Do you think the person feels that it was an interesting 30 minutes with very little measurable impact on his or her life and career?


(C) Do you think you this his experience will fall somewhere in between the above two?

If your answer is not (A), it is worth pondering why is it not (A)? You obviously have an additional three years of experience in the same job. If you consolidate the best insights you garnered in those three years and put your best effort to make a difference in the other person’s life and work, your answer has to be closer to (A).

If that’s not the case, what can you do to get there soon?