Trading growth for sympathy?

Maintaining the status quo rarely leads to growth. Neither does recycling old thoughts. If you want to grow, consider solving problems, taking on the right challenges, conversations with competent people, engaging in deep study, deliberate practice and so on. A lot of people take the approach to duck, bend or maneuver around a problem or… Continue reading

T is for Teaching

Teaching is one of those evergreen triple-win opportunities. You rarely go wrong with it when you do it well. Think about it: If you teach something well, whatever you are teaching becomes clear in your own mind and you will become better at it. On the other hand, the people you are teaching to will… Continue reading

Stacking Up Your Idea

You and I both meet a lot of people with great ideas. Unfortunately, the story stops right there. Most people are professional idea generators who keep generating one idea after the other hoping that they will pick the “best” or the “most foolproof” idea and make that a blockbuster success. Since they are doing the… Continue reading