Hate the Curves and Bored with Cruise Control

This is the grand dilemma that many people face – when the roads are curvy, they complain what it takes to navigate all these curves. It seems like they have to pay 100% attention or they might drive off the road. On the other end, they are driving in cruise control on a totally empty freeway in Montana and they get bored. Why? There is not much driving required, actually. There is a pretty good chance that they might fall asleep if they operate on cruise control for a long time. It’s definitely a dilemma.

You guessed it right – the above was just an analogy. I am talking more about how many people approach their work. Closely listen to how they describe their day at work – mostly complaints about the twists and turns that happened in the day. It seems like they are carrying a burden that they would rather not. Externally they might be hinting that they would prefer a job that does not have all these “headaches” caused by twists and turns.

In reality, they don’t wish that.


Because anything that does not have ups and downs is plain and simple – boring! And no smart person would want to engage in a boring job.

In fact, the real joy of work is in the twists and turns.

It is where the real growth is too.

It is also where you will feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the journey.

Rather than complaining we should all be happy for the twists and turns – for they are the ones that have the capacity to give us more capacity, joy and sense of accomplishment.

Enjoy the journey in 2013!