I want to do this, but…. – Message from The Zahir

I am reading Paulo Coehlo’s fantastic book “The Zahir“. There is a paragraph on Page 18 that speaks to the syndrome called “Self-esteem Insurance Syndrome” (name made up by me). This syndrome affects many Wannabe entrepreneurs and in general many people who are putting off “identifying their purpose” and taking solid steps towards realizing it…. Continue reading

Are you covered?

If yes, Congratulations!! and you can skip this article. You don’t know what you don’t know.. You can’t hear what you can’t hear.. You can’t see what you can’t see… You can’t think about what is not in your awareness.. You need mentors and teachers because you just can’t do it alone. The irony is… Continue reading

Late again. But…

There may be many reasons for slacking. However, when you start justifying without being aware that you are justifying, you may believe in those justifications and stop fixing the core issue. Here are a few examples: 1. When you are late, you say “better late than never” [$.02 – we all know that slow late… Continue reading