What are you paying for making money?

Generally speaking, you work and get paid. Did you ever think that you really pay to get paid. Let me explain…

There are two kinds of making money.

One, where you work and during that work, you are learning and enhancing your knowledge that will get you equipped to get future work.

Two, where you work and during that work, you are not learning much and there are few opportunities for enhancing your knowledge. In other words, as you make money with this kind of work, chances of you not being ready for “future work” are high.


In the second case, you pay dearly for the money you are earning.

So, think about it:
How much are you paying for what you are earning today?

PS: This is the reason why most call center jobs are disturbing for me. When someone says it’s a great opportunity, I tend to agree – but the opportunity is great only for the employer.