Late again. But…

There may be many reasons for slacking. However, when you start justifying without being aware that you are justifying, you may believe in those justifications and stop fixing the core issue.


Here are a few examples:

1. When you are late, you say “better late than never”
[$.02 – we all know that slow late is not good]

2. When you are slow, you say “slow and steady wins the race
[$.02 – not unless EVERYONE believes in this and after that faster one in the crowd wins]

3. When you can’t earn enough, you say “money is not everything”
[$.02 – Even if it is true, whatever that money is not, money makes it easier to get it]

4. You don’t have time to do a course on time management
[$.02 – We tend to ignore anything that does not give a short-term result]

5. When you are asked about your goals, you say “I’m still figuring it out”
[$.02 – This is an insurance policy. If you did know the goals then you would have the burden of being accountable for them. If you don’t pin down the goals, you are not accountable for anything]

Have a great week ahead!