The Awareness Test

Please watch this video and then read my comments below the video

The video to me comes in the category of a joke. Let me explain. A joke is a narrative where the punchline is unexpected. If you can expect what comes in the punchline, then it is no longer a joke.

First, the instructions in the video ask you to “focus” on the number of passes by the white team. If you were watching the video without those instructions, you would watch it differently and it is not difficult to spot the moon walking bear. However, once you are asked to specifically “focus” you are forced to put your attention on the white team.

I remember so many speakers who have used such tricks to sort of “shock” the audience. For instance, there was a speaker who asked all of us to look at all the “green” objects in the room for two minutes. And after that, the test was for all of us to write the “red” objects in the room.

Yes, we can all make a point even with a joke 🙂