Browser plug-in idea: Launching a group of websites simultaneously – Updated: solution already exists

I hope somebody will create this plug-in for Firefox or any tabbed browser. Here is the background and the idea. RSS changed the way we browse for information. Earlier you to go to an individual website and read stuff. Now, with a good blog reader (or RSS aggregator or whatever) we don’t have that problem…. Continue reading

Ways to distinguish yourself – #82 Connect the unknown to the known

I first heard this from Tony Robbins at a seminar. Paraphrasing him, “All learning is basically connecting the unknown to the known.” I have learnt a lot from that one statement and I have used it many times. If you observe carefully, powerful communicators use analogies to make their points. Consider the following paragraphs #1…. Continue reading

Ways to distinguish yourself – #80 Don't chase exclusivity without a clear plan to leverage it

Yesterday I met with Ramit Sethi and while we talked about a ton of things, one of the things we discussed was the people’s need to chase exclusivity (examples: be it going to a certain business school, living in a certain community/city, driving a certain car etc.) without a clear leverage plan. I agree with… Continue reading