Browser plug-in idea: Launching a group of websites simultaneously – Updated: solution already exists

I hope somebody will create this plug-in for Firefox or any tabbed browser. Here is the background and the idea.

RSS changed the way we browse for information. Earlier you to go to an individual website and read stuff. Now, with a good blog reader (or RSS aggregator or whatever) we don’t have that problem. Manhy of my friends track hundreds of blogs and read them. This would not be possible without RSS. So, that is one part of the story. RSS won’t solve everything. You still need to visit several individual websites almost on a daily basis to do some of your work. The other day I counted and for me it’s about 14 different websites everyday. How can we solve this problem?

Here is a simple plug-in I thought would help. Store all the links to these “everyday” websites with a special tag and when you activate this plug-in, it opens all these websites in multiple tabs. When the first website opens up, you can continue to do your work and the other websites start getting loaded in the background (in other tabs)

You can save a ton of time. Thanks.

Update:  Thanks to Derek Scruggs and  Boris Bauer for showing me that this already exists. Boris kindly sent me the steps to do this. Here they are for the benefit of others.

For Firefox

1. Go to bookmarks
2. Go to manage bookmarks
3. Create a folder
4.Group all the sites you want to open in one folder.
5. Drag that folder in the bookmarks toolbar. (make sure this is enabled in
the View > toolbars section)
6. Select the folder in the toolbar and select "open in tabs".

Thanks to both Derek and Boris again!

PS: Also thanks to Jason Siffring who posted another comment extending the logic. Thanks Jason.