Mini Saga #93 – Articulate

Being articulate is very important but not as a substitute for getting the job done. As the old saying goes, the most dangerous person to employ is someone who is “articulate, but incapable” Mini Saga #93– Articulate In thirty minutes, Wang hardly spoke two words. When Wang left, Chris asked, “Wang can’t communicate one bit,… Continue reading

Mini Saga #84 – Imitation

Imitation as a strategy is doomed from the beginning. Mini Saga #84 – Imitation The new gizmo bombed. Brad was devastated. He had spent sixteen months building it copying the current offering from the market leader. Even then, the gizmo was dead on arrival. The reason? On the previous day, another player announced a product… Continue reading

Mini Saga #82 – Fear

When you feel the fear, remember one thing – “you can’t lose what you don’t have.” Mini Saga #82 – Fear Nick was afraid to make the first move. He knew Tara was the one.  They saw each other every morning in the coffee shop for months, occasionally exchanging smiles. When he finally took the… Continue reading