T is for Teaching

Teaching is one of those evergreen triple-win opportunities. You rarely go wrong with it when you do it well. Think about it: If you teach something well, whatever you are teaching becomes clear in your own mind and you will become better at it. On the other hand, the people you are teaching to will… Continue reading

The Present

Photo Courtesy: jmb1977 on Flickr A few days ago, I had a delightful dinner conversation with Mitchell Levy and Kiruba Shankar. We talked a LOT and covered many things. A story about a “Present” shared by Mitchell totally touched my heart. Here it is in his own words. This happened when D (Mitchell’s son) was… Continue reading

The Gift

Photo Courtesy: Suresh Gundappa Holiday season is filled with talk about gifts. No, I am not talking about the gift that you want to receive. I am talking about the gift that you can give. Yes, that too at almost no cost. Think about it.. If you can write online, you have the capacity to… Continue reading