15 Low-Cost Ways to Thank Your Favorite Author on this Thanksgiving

Times are still tough for many people out there. After reading my post on thanking powerfully, someone recently asked me how they can thank someone (in this case an Author they liked) without spending a ton of money. I came up with a few ideas and shared with them. After the person left, I came up with a few more ideas. Here is the entire list (as of now)

[Note: If you can think of some other creative (low-cost) way of showing appreciation to a favorite author, please add to the comments.]

1. Buy a book or two as gifts for someone that might not have been exposed to their work

2. Write a review of the book you liked at Amazon or any other online outlet.

3. Comment on their blog

4. Tweet  one of their posts to your followers

5. Send them an email but do not make them require to respond back to you.

6. Send a link to their work to one of the mailing lists that you belong to. Make sure that you are sending something that is relevant to the mailing list you belong to.

7. Subscribe to their blog feed and/or email newsletter and actually read it.

8. Support them by indicating yourself as a fan (eg: Facebook)

9. Follow them on Twitter. Retweet something from them that you think is relevant to your followers

10. Talk about their work to at least one person in your network.

11. Carry one of their books to a restaurant and place it on the table so that others can notice it.

12. Donate one of their books to a local library

13. Pass along your copy of the book to someone that might not have read it.

14. Leave a copy of their book at your office lobby

And, the ultimate appreciation:

15. Put at least one of their advice into practice and make something happen in your own life.