Small things are important..

Last week when I was at CostCo, I saw that busy peeling off the pricing label on a book. As I was browsing, I saw that he successfully peeled off the pricing tag on the book he was holding and then immediately stuck the pricing tag back on the book.

No, he was not doing anything funny. If you see the books on display, you would feel like doing the same too. I have pasted below the images of a book cover of The Audacity to Win (a fantastic book by the way) with and without the pricing label.

With the pricing label

(making it almost impossible to read the sub-title)


Without the pricing label

(the sub-title is clearly visible)


It was not just this book but 90% of the books had pricing labels covering a key part of the title or the sub-title. As you can see from the cover, there is a whitespace to the left of the author’s name were the pricing label can be placed. But that would require someone to be thoughtful about what they are doing. And, being thoughtful is hard work!!!

Have a great Sunday.