The best gift your customer can give you

What is the best gift your customer can give you?

Hint: It’s not money.

It is an act that shows that a customer REALLY cares about you.

Recently Hari (president of Jiffle) and I experienced a gift from one of our customers and it touched our hearts.

Please take a look at this site

It is a referral site for the Jiffle service. It provides a brief overview of what Jiffle offering is and urges potential customers to go and sign up for the service. Think of it like a site with just a landing page. Companies do this all the time.

In this case though – this site was not created by us. It was created by one of your kind customers – Sylva Leduc. Sylva has been a long-time customer, power user and a long-time supporter of Jiffle. But creating a site dedicated to us – that made our day!

Thank you Syl. This means a lot to us!