Goals with and without help

Goals are easy if you never have to fulfill them.

Everything is clear when it is in your head. Only when that has to be translated into reality, there’s a problem.

So, if you are alone and you are going at your goals, chances are you may not reach where you are headed. Why? Because at 20,000 feet level goals are simple and you can easily overestimate your capacity to achieve them. As you get down to the ground level, you will realize that you alone are not capable of achieving those big goals. Since long-term relationships cannot be built in the short-term (it just doesn’t make sense, isn’t it) you will probably fall short of achieving the goals.

On the other hand, it is exactly the opposite in the case where you have BIG goals but also have access to a lot of help. With good help, you will start realizing that you can actually achieve more than what you set out to achieve in the first place. So you might really overshoot your own dreams or just simply achieve them in less time than you planned earlier.

All the best and start building those long-term relationships NOW!