Interview with Sunil Kanderi on launching Mokriya’s Craigslist App

I have been watching my friend Sunil Kanderi and his team innovate, imagine, ideate, iterate and implement the Craigslist app for months and finally, today it’s getting released. Here is a quick Q&A with Sunil on the app and more. About Mokriya: Mokriya is a design-focused mobile app strategy and solutions company based in Silicon Valley…. Continue reading

Mini Saga #126 – Artist

Mini Saga #126 – Artist Frank was an artist.  At least he thought he was.  Four years, nothing had worked. Concerned, his friend Jim asked him, “Do you fear that nothing might click for the next few years?” Frank nodded. “So, how will you address that fear?” Jim asked. Frank smiled, “By creating more art…”… Continue reading