7 Insights in 7 Minutes by Guy Kawasaki

guy-kawasakiMy friend Japjot Sethi (founder and CEO of Gloopt)  and I had an opportunity to record these 7 insights at Guy Kawasaki‘s residence a few months ago. What was fascinating to me was that there were no retakes for any of the recordings. It simply shows the internal clarity, depth and control on how to package an insight in a super short span (in this case one minute each) of time.

Guy has been an inspiration for me over the years but to watch him in action from close quarters was a treat by itself.

It is one of those experiences where at the end of it, you just yearn to up your own game because it is clear that there is so much more to learn.

1. How to Enchant Your Boss

Guy explains how to enchant your boss


2. How to Enchant Your Employees

Now, turns the focus on employees

3. Essential Hints to Creating a Powerpoint Presentation

We all know that Guy is an awesome speaker and his slides are stunning. Here he shares some tips on how to create great presentations.

4. The Key Components of Creating a Likeable Social Media Profile

Guy turns his attention to social media

5. The Most Effective Method to Gain Social Media Followers

Guy answers the question in the mind of everyone dabbling with social media

6. Three Stages of Publishing a Book

Guy focuses on authors trying to get their ideas spread via publishing a book

7. Three Pillars to Follow for Achieving Success

Guy shares his advice on what it takes to be successful.

Have a great week ahead!

Disclaimer and a Question for You

First, the disclaimer. I am an advisor to Gloopt and the founder Japjot is a close friend.

Second, a question for you. Do you have ideas to share on Gloopt via one-minute videos and do you have the accomplishments to back those ideas up? If yes, plesae contact me with a short note about your ideas and if Japjot and I like them, we will reach out to you with more details.