Just because you can get by being average…

Just because you can get by being average, you should not choose to settle down there.


Because average might reign..right until excellence arrives.

A few decades ago, almost all alternatives to what you bring to the marketplace where what were available in that particular geography.

Today, that is not even imaginable.

Competition for any meaningful offer comes from anywhere and everywhere.

Any win you can get for your average work is short-lived at best.

That’s not it.

There is a bigger, scarier problem that comes with producing average work.

You fall into the risk of getting stereotyped by the marketplace about your personal standards for quality of output. If you end up there, you will have to dig your way up just to reach the baseline in your future projects. It’s just not worth it.

Excellence costs. Lack of it costs even more.

Image; Napkinsight #684