Inconvenient in the short term, but…

So many good things in life have a simple pattern:

They are inconvenient in short-term, but important in the long-term.

There are so many examples:

  • Exercise (or any kind of external self-care)
  • Meditation (or any kind of internal self-care)
    and so on…

This looks like common sense in theory, but extremely hard to put it into practice.

Why is it hard to put it into practice?

Because it’s hard to find a tribe of people who embrace the short-term inconvenience for the long-term impressive growth.

So, rather than forcing yourself to make an attitude switch, invest in finding your own tribe of people who are committed to long-term growth irrespective of the short-term inconvenience.

The subtle social pressure to grow that comes up due to teaming with people who have mutual respect is generally underestimated. But, that is where the magic is.

Image: Napkinsight #107