Not all wins are equal

You have to fight the right fight.

AND, more importantly, you have to avoid fighting the wrong fight.

My friend and co-founder of Audvisor, Mike Martin says that some fights are either not worth fighting or some we can willfully lose as not all fights are important.

In the game of Go where both players are trying to get ahead in terms of territory they can stake their claim, the person who tries to fight to win at every local fight is sure to lose soon. You just don’t have the resources to fight everywhere. The other player who is picking the right fights is strengthening his or her position slowly and surely soon to get an unassailable advantage leading to an eventual win.

The magic is in giving some and getting some.

It’s a delicate dance.

A a series of local wins at the expense of a global loss is a LOSS!

Image: Napkinsight #300