The Second Best Way to Getting Even

Getting even is a funny thing.

Someone handed you the short end of the stick.

You paid a price.

You want to get even.

In other words, you want to pay a price for having paid a price.

It’s like wanting to pay more taxes because you are paying taxes.

Be that as it may, you see the logic, but are convinced that getting even is the absolute right thing to do.

If that is the case, the second best way to get even is to practice passive apathy.

Passive apathy is a private detachment without a significant change in the public relationship.

Because of a private detachment, you insure yourself to be not shortchanged again.

Because there is no change in public relationship in the eyes of the society, there is no “perceived” discomfort either.

This method has limited downside.

There is no cost to care for the other person.

There is no worry about future disappointment.

As the old saying goes, you should keep your friends close and enemies closer.

What really happens?

When the other person fully realizes that he or she cannot take advantage of you, they will start publicly detaching themselves from you. If you are not an opportunity for them, you become an opportunity cost for them. In their mind, it is better to hunt elsewhere.

As far as you are concerned, that’s exactly what is best for you!!

Note: In case you are curious as to what is the BEST way to get even, here it is:

Forgiveness with extra care for future interactions.

Photo Courtesy: Felix Meyer on Flickr