7 Insights in 7 Minutes by Dave Logan

dave-logan-photoI have been friends with Dave Logan for years and he is one of the most insightful thought leaders when it comes to building a high-performing company culture. His books are a treat to anyone. In this Gloopt series, Dave talks about a number of topics. I have picked seven to share.

Dave has written several books and my favorites are:

1. Three Laws of Performance and

2. Tribal Leadership

Dave and his team at CultureSync also consult with some of the leading organizations on the very important topic of organizational culture.

1. How to improve your company performance?

Dave talks about the four vital areas to fix in a company to increase its performance

2. How to capitalize on the three laws of performance?

Three Laws of Performance is one of my favorite books and here Dave expands on the most important law – the first law about default future.

3. How do I get started with leadership?

Listen to these four simple and insightful questions that Dave shares to help you get started on your leadership journey

4. How can I be a leader like Phil Jackson?

Legendary Phil Jackson is also a fan of Dave’s book “Tribal Leadership.” Here Dave shares how to lead like Phil.

5. How to fix a dysfunctional team?

Here Dave shares the secret of fixing a dysfunctional team

6. What is the biggest problem in an organization?

Dave talks about the need for something that trumps individual ego

7. What should we do after we identify our values?

Dave shares a 3-step process to make the most out of values that you have identified

Have a great week ahead!