The fastest way to reveal your true intentions


Trust speeds everything.

Not being able to read your true intentions slows down the prices of building trust

If so, what is the fastest way to reveal your true intentions?

What can you say that will make it clear to the other person that you have their best interest in your heart. Since they can’t read your mind, you might want to explicitly state your true intentions?

If you are struggling to come up with a script, put yourself on the other side. Think about your own experience. What did the other person say that immediately gave you a sense of trust? Do you see a pattern and can you generalize the script?

Honestly, I wish there was a string of words that you could stitch together that will instantly reveal your true intentions. There are none because if there were, how would one know that truth is being spoken?

It looks like you are stuck.

Thankfully, there is an answer and it has nothing to do with the right choice of words. It is via the right actions. Your actions of caring will trump any combination of words that you can intelligently string together to express your true intentions.

The lesson: Stop talking and start taking the right actions.