Making it Real: Water Walk Experience at Inbound13

I have participated in several charity:water fundraising drives in the past few years. Today at Inbound conference, the “Water Walk” experience made me want to do a lot more for this organization in the future.

Reading is not (always) believing.

Right on their mission page, Charity:Water invites everyone to experience the problem:

We invite you to put yourself in their shoes. Follow them on their daily journey. Carry 80 pounds of water in yellow fuel cans. Dig with their children in sand for water. Line up at a well and wait eight hours for a turn.

You read about it and it touches your heart but I don’t think it’s enough

Experience makes it real

HubSpot partnered with Charity:Water and setup an aisle where everyone could experience (partially) what it takes to carry 40 pounds of water in yellow cans.


I walked back and forth the aisle with 20 pounds in each hand. It was NOT easy. I can only imagine what it must feel like for all those who have to walk a few miles everyday to get water for their homes. The experience made it real. The entire “Water Walk” was a fundraiser with HubSpot donating $45 for every person who participated in the “Water Walk.”

You can help too (even with just a tweet)

Yes, you can donate to charity:water to help someone in a third world country get clean water. You can also take one simple step in the next two days to tweet the message below and HubSpot will donate $2 per tweet to charity:water

#INBOUND13 and #September – $2 for @charitywater from @HubSpot for every tweet. Please retweet | Tweet This

Every tweet counts (in this case $2)!!!