How to get ridiculously cool testimonials

If you walk into a Five Guys restaurant, you might see a notice board. Instead of notices, they post some cool testimonials that are works of art from their young customers – probably created while the kids were waiting for food.

For instance, this was what I found in the Sunnyvale Five Guys location:

There are so many things right about this approach. Here are few that I can think of:

1. Social proof that kids love this place

Kids are taking time to create artwork-style testimonials to scream and say that they love Five Guys. For parents that should be good enough to come back again.

2. Triggers for other kids to create ridiculously cool testimonials.

Why not? Many kids will think they can do better than what’s on the notice board and they might be right. It benefits Five Guys, of course.

3. It costs pretty much nothing

To be fair, it costs some paper and some crayons and the ROI for that investment is huge, don’t you think?

What can you do in your business to get ridiculously cool testimonials?