3-Minute Ego Test

Do you have an ego problem?

Probably not.

But, take this 3-minute ego test and find out for yourself.

Read each one and give a point for every statement that you agree. If your score is three or more, you need to schedule a “general ego checkup” from someone that you trust soon.

1. By the time you read this sentence, you get a feeling that you pretty much know what this blog post will be all about (judging very quickly)

2. You read something and quickly look for situations where what you just read won’t be valid (proving others wrong rather than focusing on what you can learn)

3. When someone criticizes you, your immediate reaction is to find “some” fault with the other person rather than using this information to improve yourself (unable to accept fault)

4. You remember the criticism for a LONG time but tend to forget the learning from the criticism quickly (focusing on the wrong things)

5. You confuse hubris with confidence (unable to detect hubris )

6. You can logically prove that your failures are because of someone else but generally don’t over-analyze your successes because they are mostly the result of your smartness and hard work (mis-attribution of cause)

7. It’s hard for you to accept feedback from people who are not as “intelligent” as you ( extreme focus on the messenger )

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8. You generally feel that your opinions are superior to those that are surrounding you ( over-rated self-concept )

9. You see a number of people in your circle who got “lucky.” (unable to recognize background effort )

And, the big one in the end…

10. Every now and then you feel that world has been unfair to you as all your efforts are not fully recognized ( perennial lack of recognition)


11. You are 100% convinced that YOU don’t have an ego problem (blind faith)

Wish you the very best!