Being grateful…

Being grateful is not optional.

Most people behave differently though – because they are taking things for granted.

Here is a thought experiment:

Can you list all the things that you are grateful for in the next minute?

How many items did you get on that list?

What if you expanded the available time. Would it make a difference? How big of a difference would it make on the list?

If the list of things (and people, of course) is not very large, there are many things that may be happening:

–  You are arrogant (yes, it might sound harsh but

– You don’t give enough credit where it is deserve

– You take more things for granted

– You are too busy to even think about this

– <Insert your own reason here>

In your heart, you know that you need to be grateful, not just because it is the right thing to do but it also has implicit benefits for YOU. Think about how you feel when you are contemplating about things and people to be grateful for. For starters, it will simply lift your spirits to a whole new level.

Being grateful and expressing it is a win-win proposition. You make someone’s day right away and in the process you lift your spirits up. What could be more better?

If you agree, here is something for you:

Announcing LoveThiz | Instant Smile Service for Twitter

I wanted to make it dead simple for people to share their love, gratitude and appreciation to anyone on Twitter. It’s called LoveThiz and it takes less than ten seconds to share something good about a person or a brand on Twitter.

Please give this a try and make someone’s day right away.

Photo Courtesy: StarTwin06 on Flickr