Radically different in 2012

Radically different is what most people would wish to be in the 2012.

To be radically different is to be markedly different from the usual or customary.

Who wouldn’t want something radically different (on the positive side, of course) in the new year?

Almost everyone. Note that I did not say everyone as there are people who are doing extremely well and they may just be looking at maintaining the status quo so that they didn’t slip in the new year.

Scope of “radically different” is typically limited to results

When people say they want their life to be radically different, they are usually referring to results ONLY.

They are frustrated with the results that they have seen this year or the year(s) before and they can’t take it anymore. Enough is enough, they say and decide to produce radically different results.

After all, there is a limit for everything, right?

Radically different actions are required to produce radically different results

That seems logical – results come from actions and if we don’t change the actions, we can’t expect to change the results. If someone wants radically different results, they need to engage in radically different actions.

Radically different actions are the result of radically different mindsets

Mindsets drive actions. Without shifting mindsets, one can rarely produce different actions over an extended period of time. Mindsets are the reason why people always return back to their old habits.

Radically different mindsets result from radically different beliefs

Your deep rooted beliefs shape your mindsets. So, if you want to shift your mindsets, you have to shift your deep rooted beliefs. This is not easy because these beliefs are “deep rooted.”

Radically shifts in beliefs typically occur by radically different experiences

Experience something radically different and there will be a shift in your beliefs.

Chasing radically different experiences

Rarely will a certain date (like the new year)  result in radically different experiences for anyone. Unless you design to have  a radically different experience on that day, it will turn out to be similar to any other day. Extending the same logic, there is no reason for anyone to wait for a particular day to create in an experience that will result in radical shift in their beliefs.

For such experiences, the time is always NOW!!

Photo Courtesy: amanova at Flickr