ONE reason why you are not getting “buy in” for your ideas..

You have a brilliant idea but it is instantly shot down by your Boss. It hurts. I can imagine that.

Next, you quickly find a reason why that idea was not supported. If you are like most people, you will blame your Boss for not being able to recognize the potential of a new idea. You might say that your Boss is so “old school” or he or she is “too conservative.”

If that is not the case, you might go in search of other ideas so that you can again present to your Boss. You might research on other companies that have successfully implemented your ideas or bring a Harvard Business Review Case study that supports your case.

The Boss does not change his or her mind.

You are frustrated and finally it dawns on you that you are in the “wrong place.” You need to go to a place that supports innovation and creativity. This is not it.

When you make that switch, unfortunately, history repeats all over again.

Now, you are NOT frustrated. You are devastated.

What might be the “real” problem?

It may not be YOUR idea but it may be YOU.

Think about it. The biggest force of an idea that is “yet to be implemented” is the person who is going to be the potential implementor of the idea. If that “force” is weak in the mind of the person evaluating the idea, the idea becomes weak.

Who is coming up with idea (especially if he or she is going to be the proposed implementor) is sometimes more important than the idea.

They say “one should not judge book by the cover.” In reality what happens? Exactly the opposite. You are the cover and your idea is the book. Unless you work on the cover, the book may not even be opened.

It is sad in a way but it is the reality. You might as well get used to it and more imprint – DO something about it.

Photo Courtesy: bitzcelt on Flickr