Brilliant Targeting – Reaching the “guilt-free wannabes”

Selling desserts is a great profit booster for restaurants. Sell more desserts and you make more money. When I lived in Paris, the “dessert tray” was a standard feature in many restaurants. Even the most strong-willed people would succumb to the temptation once the dessert tray was in front of them.

I don’t see the dessert trays very often here.

Yesterday, I was meeting my friend Paul D’Souza who shared a photo of the dessert menu from Pasta Pomodoro. There was a new “Non-committal” section with pricing for mini desserts.

Think about it for a minute.

On the first category, with all the health-conscious movement around, we have a set of people who don’t want to eat desserts.

On the second category, we have people who were never interested in desserts irrespective of their diet.

On the third category are people who love desserts.

The first two categories can be combined and called “guilt-free wannabes” and there was nothing to target them. The “Non-committal menu provides a simple answer. It might make the “guilt-free wannabes” succumb to the temptation without feeling guilty.