The Crutch

You would have seen someone like Simon. Simon seems to have a problem with one of his legs. So he is using a crutch just to support himself when he is walking. But upon close observation, the legs look OK. It’s not like something was broken or anything. Or at least there was no visible… Continue reading

Starbucks Masterstroke

How can you admit guilt AND get a brownie point for it? You can learn that from Starbucks. This was are two message that are on the outside of a brown bag there. On the front: Real Food. Simply Delicious. We’ve got good news. We removed the artificial trans fats, artificial flavors, artificial dyes and… Continue reading

How can I find people with complementary skills to partner with?

Note: This was originally published in an other website called THINKsulting which I am phasing out. An Aspiring Enrepreneur (name withheld by request) asks: Entrepreneurship requires different pillars of strengths and skills.   One person cannot possess all that.  For example, I love to conceptualize an idea with market relevancy and technically build it out to… Continue reading