Repositioning – It is no longer OPTIONAL!

Take the case of one of the most successful products in recent times. Amazon Kindle.

Here is the original Amazon Kindle Ad. It says Amazon Kindle is Amazon’s revolutionary wireless reading device.

The positioning served well at that time.

Enter iPad and a bunch of other tablets and Kindle becomes ONE of the revolutionary wireless reading devices out there.

What to do?

You embark on a repositioning exercise. You go after what everyone thinks is the ultimate threat for Kindle – meaning – for now go after Apple’s iPad.

In this case, you can’t go after feature by feature as it will be and apple to orange comparison.

The best thing to do is to find out the weakest spots of iPad (when it comes to reading) where Kindle is the strongest and highlight them.

Take a look at the latest positioning for Kindle. It says:

1. Kindle is easy to read, even in bright sunlight

(as opposed to IPad which does not have the eInk technology)

2. Kindle is thin and lightweight, only 10.2 ounces

(as opposed to iPad which is 1.5lb)

A fast changing marketplace demands repositioning. Rarely can you win for a long time without evolving.

Amazon Kindle was an example. This concept applies even to all of us. What we bring as value to the marketplace will get redefined all the time because of the changes in the marketplace. If we don’t reposition (and reinvent) ourselves, we will be history.

There is still a lot of 2009 left if you care to embark on a repositioning exercise for yourself.

Have a great rest of the week.