Just because they said so..


Photo Courtesy: Litandmore on Flickr

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about how many things I have done just because they said so.

I am sure that is true even in your case.

When you highly respect some people and you trust them 100%, you suspend judgment and rational thought and simply take a shortcut and move towards execution.

We all need shortcuts in life and I use them all the time when the instructions come from people the highly respect.

When I don’t have to worry about the “agenda” of the person giving me the instructions.

Better yet, when I am confident that the “agenda” of the person is totally geared towards me becoming a better person.

When I made a quick list of the number of people that can just order me around, I simply felt blessed. The list is quite long and it simply means that I am surrounded by people that I trust and respect.

Look inside yourself and see if you can make a quick list of people where you have that kind of relationship. I am confident that you have a big list too – just that you may never have slowed down to even think about it.

OK here is the real point:

Now think about all the people that matter most to you.

Now imagine, they were doing this exercise and they are asked to make a quick list of people who can tell them something and they would do that just because they said so.

In how many lists will your name appear?

Something to think about.