Your Name 2.0


When you meet someone even after a while, they are seeing your 2.0 version.

You meet them again after a while and they again will see your 2.0 version.

With reasonable time between meetings, you change. You evolve and typically version 2.0 is better than version 1.0

What would you feel if someone does not notice that you are v2.0 and starts treating you as if you are still v1.0?

What would you feel if someone makes assessments using the criteria they used to make assessments of your previous version?

What would you feel if they didn’t notice the “significant” change from your previous version to current version?

Not very good I am presuming.

Now lets turn the tables around.

How are you treating people when you meet them after a while?

Do you see them as version 2.0 or do you see them same as before?

How do you think they are feeling?

Something to think about.